Assessment Central

As a representative of assessment and development design companies, Percival Enterprises has developed a clearing house division for employee screening, assessment and development tools.  Through this approach, we have access to a wealth of tools you can employ in addressing your assessment and development needs.  We have the knowledge base to meet your specific and special needs.

If you are new to this area we have gathered information - definitions if you will on the nine categories we have created for Assessment Central.  Feel free to ask about areas of assessment or development not included in these categories.  If you are curious about some of the basics of assessment please check out About Assessments: The Unoffical Guide to Assessments.

Pre-employment Testing

Succession Planning

Management Skills

360 Feedback

Exit Interviews

Honesty/Dependability Tools

Background Checks 

Sales Assessment

Employee Development Assessments

Percival Enterprises encourages you to talk to us about the application of these tools in your buisiness.  In the United States contact Percival Enterprises at (828) 691-1255 (North Carolina - USA) or (414)-322-2001 (Wisconsin - USA). Percival Enterprises' email is available by clicking here. 


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Ask about our “No Bad Hires” Program


Percival Enterprises encourages you to talk to us about our “No Bad Hires” Program at (820) 691-1255 (North Carolina - USA) or (414)-322-2001 (Wisconsin - USA).  Percival Enterprises  email is available by clicking here. 

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