Job Search Survival Kit

Having worked with Job Seekers for over 25 years, I have heard them talk about "Surviving this period of unemployment".  It is time for Job Seekers to have their own Survival Kit to help them through the process of landing a new job.

So we will start with looking at the contents of a Survival Kit and work to understand what you need to do to Survive.  Next, we apply this to the process of being unemployed or under employed until you find new work, to give you your own "Job Search Survival Kit".

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Your Combination for Success

After years of studying Success, I realized that there was not one Key to Success, as many people had stated.  If there was simply one Key, I would have had much greater Success in my earlier years.  I had Persistence.    I wrote out my Goals and yet I did not have the Success that I desired.  It wasn't until I added the other pieces, that my life started to blossom the way dreamed it would.  Now you can create your own personal Combination for Success by working in this book.

"Your Combination for Success" provides you with the necessary tools to help you achieve more of what you desire in life.  Working and applying the concepts within this book will enable to have more of the things you want in life. Remember, you have to apply the information and the book is written to help you to do such.  Create your personalized Combination for unlocking the Success that you desire.    Take the first step today.

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Work Makes Me Sick!

 Veteran career "coaches" Kathy Bornheimer and Jeffrey R.Percival have collaborated to provide individuals and employers alike with a personal, easy-to-use guide on how to reduce workplace stress. This book is full of inspiring concepts, quick exercises, and street-smart solutions to empower the reader and encourage individualized workplace stress relief.

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