Pre-Employment Testing 

Pre-employment tests are an objective, standardized way of gathering data on candidates during the hiring process. All professionally developed, well-validated pre-employment tests have one thing in common: they are an efficient and reliable means of gaining insights into the capabilities and traits of prospective employees. Depending on the type of test being used, pre-employment assessments can provide relevant information on a job applicant's ability to perform in the workplace.

Pre-employment tests have become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to filter and manage large applicant pools. The Internet has made it easier than ever for job-seekers to apply for jobs– one study estimates that, on average, a whopping 250 resumes are submitted for every corporate job opening. Some job- seekers, known as "resume spammers," distribute their resumes across the web in blasts, with little regard to required qualifications or job fit. With applicants spending just an average of 76 seconds reading each job description, it is unsurprising that recruiters report that over 50% of job applicants do not meet the basic qualifications of the job. As a result, most hiring managers don't have the bandwidth to thoroughly review every candidate's application, with recruiters reportedly spending an average of just 6.25 seconds reading each resume.

In this environment, pre-employment tests can provide tremendous value for organizations seeking to find the right talent. By adding pre-employment assessments to the candidate selection process, companies of all sizes can get a better handle on the vast pool of candidates applying to open positions. And while technology may be responsible for the increase in applications, it also provides an answer, by making it much simpler to integrate pre-employment testing into the hiring process.

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